20 October 2010

Special issue: Manufacturing processes and systems

International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems 3(5/6) 2010
  • Tool life and cutting forces on semi-finish milling of titanium alloy
  • Electrodischarge dressing (EDD) applied to contour grinding
  • Online diagnosis and monitoring of roundness defects in CNC machining processes
  • A study on equal channel angular drawing (ECAD) of AA-1370 processed by route B
  • Surface finish based analysis of turned titanium alloys workpieces
  • Neural network modelling of process parameters influence on tool wear for ball-nose end mills
  • Modelling manufacturing processes: a comparison between multiple regression analysis and the neural networks approach
  • Optimising the milling of titanium aluminide alloys
  • Experimental investigation of dry turning of UNS A97050-T7 aluminium alloy bars based on surface roughness
  • Conceptual principles and ontology for a KBE implementation in inspection planning
  • Benefits of using real-time pulse discriminating system in micro-EDM monitoring and control system

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