28 October 2010

Call for papers: Advanced Energy Processing and Control for Electric Vehicles

A special issue of International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems

Electric vehicles, including pure electric vehicles (PEV or EV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and fuel cell vehicles(FCV), have attracted worldwide attention increasingly from governments, industry, and the public as global environmental and energy issues grow in concern.

Although electric vehicles have shown advantages over internal combustion engine vehicles in terms of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, many technical challenges remain unsolved, impeding the market share growth. The main feature of electric vehicles is the advanced and complex powertrain system, which brings the technical challenges of the energy storage system and driving motor system, as well as the vehicle management system.

The primary objective of this special issue is to promote the research and development of energy processing and control technologies which are significantly important to the development of electric vehicles in terms of low cost, high efficiency, low emission and customer satisfaction in economy and safety. The main focuses will be on energy management and power control, as well as vehicle dynamics control technology, including intelligent methods and their applications.

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Advanced management technology for energy storage system
  • Battery management systems, SOC estimation of Li-ion batteries
  • Battery package cooling systems, active thermal management
  • Intelligent power source and telematics technology associated with smart grid
Advanced motor driving and control technology
  • High performance and intelligent control for driving motors
  • Sensorless control technology for driving motors
Regenerative braking technology
  • High efficiency regenerative braking control for driving motors
  • Vehicle regenerative braking strategy and intelligent algorithms
  • Vehicle energy management technology
  • Energy management and optimization for EV/HEV
  • Real-time optimal control under non-stationary driving cycle for EV/HEV
Dynamics control technology for EVs
  • Dynamics parameter identification technology
  • Longitudinal dynamics control
  • Lateral dynamics control especially for in-wheel motor driven EV
Important Dates
Submission of full paper before: 30 April, 2011
Completion of first review: 31 July, 2011
Submission of revised paper: 31 August, 2011
Completion of final review: 30 September, 2011
Final paper due: 31 October, 2011

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