7 October 2010

Special issue: Advanced theory and technologies for design, manufacturing and materials

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 39(3/4) 2010
  • Transient phenomena during engagement phase of a clutch
  • Tool life and performance comparison of coated tools in metal cutting
  • A new approach to solving coupled task sets based on resource balance strategy in product development
  • Optimisation of brake friction material on tribological characteristics and cost using constrained mixture design method
  • Prediction of springback in V-bending and design of dies using finite element simulation
  • Design of Experiment and statistical analysis of bond strength test of bi-layer concrete
  • A new approach to the kinematical analysis of universal joints
  • Enhancement of photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue in surfactant/ceriurm(III)-titanium dioxide/float pearls aqueous dispersions
  • Numerical calculation of the outer thickness of double-solid rotor asynchronous permanent magnetic coupling by finite element method
  • An adaptive neural networks model for isomorphism discernment of large-scale kinematic structure
Additional papers
  • Effect of EDM process parameters on surface quality of Al 6063 SiCp metal matrix composite
  • Large-scale and morphology-controlled synthesis of nano-sized molybdenum disulphide particles by different sulphur sources
  • Identification of rheological models and boundary conditions in metal forming

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