6 October 2010

Special issue: Autonomous and semi-autonomous control for safe driving of ground vehicles

International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems 8(2-4) 2010
  • Adaptive integrated vehicle control using active front steering and rear torque vectoring
  • Brake control using a prediction method to reduce rollover risk
  • A methodology for the design of robust rollover prevention controllers for automotive vehicles using differential braking
  • Optimal vehicle stability controller based on Nash strategy for differential LQ games
  • An optimal-control-based framework for trajectory planning, threat assessment, and semi-autonomous control of passenger vehicles in hazard avoidance scenarios
  • Steady-state cornering equilibria and stabilisation for a vehicle during extreme operating conditions
  • Vehicle stabilisation in response to exogenous impulsive disturbances to the vehicle body
  • An expert fuzzy strategy for vehicle lateral control under urban environments

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