10 March 2010

Special issue: Progress in tourism service and sustainable development

International Journal of Services Technology and Management 13(3/4) 2010
  • Grasslands as a sustainable tourism resource in Germany: environmental knowledge effects on resource conservation preferences
  • Effects of population migration on rural tourism
  • The resolution of conflict between ecotourism and community interests in China: basis on the Pigovian tax design
  • Measuring the service quality of Indian tourism destinations: an application of SERVQUAL model
  • Cognitive image change and loyalty in destination branding
  • Developing integrated e-tourism services for cultural heritage destinations
  • The effect of public participation on resource exploitation in heritage sites and national parks: case study of Western China
  • The Dao of the sceptic and the spiritual: attitudinal and cultural influences on preferences for sustainable tourism services in the domestic Chinese tourism market
  • Visitors' involvement, perceived value, satisfaction and behavioural intention on tourist express trains in Taiwan

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