4 March 2010

Special issue: How globalisation is shaping the Asia-Pacific: multi-disciplinary perspectives

International Journal of Business and Globalisation 4(3) 2010

Papers from a conference: ‘How globalisation is shaping the Asia-Pacific: multi-disciplinary perspectives’ held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, September 2008.
  • The pursuit of Asian hegemony: a comparison of Chinese and Indian strategic objectives and containment policies
  • Sino-Turkish relations in a globalising Asia-Pacific
  • Harmonisation of intellectual property: issues in the South Pacific
  • Averting Armageddon: in search of nuclear governance
  • D-company: a study of the crime-terror nexus in South Asia
Additional Papers
  • Developments of SMEs in Singapore's services and wholesale and retail sectors: issues and prospects
  • The threat of chain stores to the character of an historic city's main street

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