31 March 2010

Special issue: New governance approaches at different policy levels

International Journal of Public Policy 5(4) 2010
  • Full employment abandoned: shifting sands and policy failures
  • European governance, policy entrepreneurship and the discourse of reform: an institutionalist assessment
  • Welfare regimes and macroeconomic regime constellations: explaining the Scandinavian anomaly
  • Employee-friendly labour time: a key element to a sustainable pattern of production and consumption
  • Governance strategies in local government: a study of the governance of municipal corporations in a Swedish municipality
  • Employment relations in German multinational companies in the UK and the future of the German model: empirical evidence on country-of-origin effects and industry internationalisation
  • Endogenous determination of FDI growth and economic growth: the OECD case
  • Born lucky – or just lucky to be born rich? A note

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