3 March 2010

Special issue: Complexity, synergy and emergence in tribo-systems: toward thermodynamic-based prediction of wear

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 38(1) 2010
  • Analysis of a grease-lubricated contact from an energy point of view
  • Effects of working parameters on the surface roughness in belt grinding process: the size-scale estimation influence
  • Relation between entropy, free energy and computational energy
  • Local coefficient of friction, sub-surface stresses and temperature distribution during sliding contact
  • Model of the effect of local frictional heating on the tribodesorbed gases from metals in ultra-high vacuum
  • A new model of the heat transfer in materials: the surfacic potential algorithm
  • Influence of frictional energy dissipation on wear regime transition in dry tribo-systems
  • Thermodynamic approaches in sliding wear: a review

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