4 March 2010

Special issue: Knowledge-driven product innovation and enterprise management

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 37(3/4) 2010
  • Knowledge integration based on roadmapping and conceptual framework approach to ease innovation management
  • Linking design and manufacturing domains via web-based and enterprise integration technologies
  • Customer requirements mapping method based on association rules mining for mass customisation
  • Reliability evaluation of conceptual colour design based on rough sets
  • Fine grain associative feature reasoning in collaborative engineering
  • Research on design structure matrix and its applications in product development and innovation: an overview
  • Synchronisation of heterogeneous design models of manufactured products by the formulation of business knowledge
  • Supplier-involved collaborative product development in PLM
  • A knowledge-based approach for calculating setup times
  • Modelling and simulation of new product diffusion with negative appraise based on system dynamics: a comparative perspective
  • Multi-level contextual product development knowledge management in PLM
  • A hybrid decision support system for slow moving spare parts joint replenishment: a case study in a nuclear power plant
  • R&D partnership contract coordination of information goods supply chain in government subsidy

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