11 March 2010

Special issue: Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Symposium (BIOT-2008)

International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications 6(2) 2010

BIOT 2008, the 5th Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Symposium, was held in Arlington, Texas, USA, 17-18 October , 2008
  • Deterministic graph-theoretic algorithm for detecting modules in biological interaction networks
  • Assessing and improving the accuracy of detecting protein adaptation with the TreeSAAP analytical software
  • Flavitrack analysis of the structure and function of West Nile non-structural proteins
  • An algorithm for the reconstruction of consensus sequences of ancient segmental duplications and transposon copies in eukaryotic genomes
  • Strategies for enhanced annotation of a microarray probe set
  • Ranking through integration of protein-similarity for identification of cell-cyclic genes
  • Scalable biomedical Named Entity Recognition: investigation of a database-supported SVM approach
  • Mining Cytochrome b561 proteins from plant genomes

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