31 March 2010

Special issue: Doing business in developing/emerging economies: cases in management, business and marketing

International Journal of Economics and Business Research 2(3/4) 2010
  • Negative image: developing countries and country of origin – an example from Zimbabwe
  • Privatisation and corporate governance in emerging economies: What went wrong with Aguas Argentinas S.A.?
  • Social Capital Theory and the internationalisation process of Czech SMEs
  • Comparative analysis of the entrepreneurial activities in Croatia and countries in the region
  • The development of Renewable Energy industries in emerging economies: the role of economic, institutional, and socio-cultural contexts in Latin America
  • E-consumer and the drive behind customer satisfaction: the Chinese online
  • Serving the poor by marketing information: developing a sustainable village phone model in Bangladesh
  • Analysis of gains and pains of SEZ in Indian scenario

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