18 March 2010

Special issue: Particulate air pollution in urban environments

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 41(1/2) 2010
  • Ultrafine particle and gas contamination of urban air in Seoul, Korea, during winter
  • Particulate matter and particle-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the Dapu road tunnel in Shanghai
  • Atmospheric lead concentrations near roadways in a suburban part of Istanbul
  • Geochemical behaviour of the aerosol sampled in a suburban zone of Sfax City (Tunisia)
  • Seasonal apportionment of the sources of ambient air particulates in the city of Trieste
  • Time series analysis of PM2.5 and PM10−2.5 mass concentration in the city of Sao Carlos, Brazil
  • A numerical analysis of the aspiration efficiency of a personal sampler
  • Characteristics and expected health implications of annual PM10 concentrations in Athens, Greece
  • Air pollution and restricted activity days among New Zealand school children and staff
  • Comparison of tethered balloon vertical profiles of particulate matter size distributions with lidar ceilometer backscatter in the nocturnal urban boundary layer
  • Mesoscale controls on particulate matter pollution for a mega city in a semi-arid mountainous environment: Tehran, Iran

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