4 March 2010

Special issue: The path of responsive manufacturing

International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering 5(3) 2010

Papers from the 4th International Conference on Responsive Manufacturing (ICRM2007) held in Nottingham, UK, 17–19 September 2007.
  • Development and evaluation of a production planning, scheduling and control re-design Toolkit
  • Methodology for dynamic scheduling and control in biological manufacturing systems
  • A computer integrated unified modelling approach to responsive manufacturing
  • A parametric approach to logistic control within manufacturing simulation
  • Empirical model-building: an integral part of optimising the high frequency tube welding process
  • A mesh curvature point planning method for on-machine inspection systems
  • An integrated framework for new product development using who-when-where-why-what-how (5W1H), theory of inventive problem solving and patent information – a case study
  • Implementation of Cosserat theory into haptic sensing technology for miniaturised systems
  • An ontology-based knowledge management system to support technology intelligence

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