10 September 2008

Special Issue: Trombay Symposium on Desalination and Water Reuse: TSDWR 2007 (Part 3)

International Journal of Nuclear Desalination 3(2) 2008
  • Experience feedback on operation of low-temperature vacuum evaporation-based desalination plant integrated with CIRUS
  • Experiences in the construction and operation of a nuclear desalination demonstration plant: Part II
  • Technological approaches to providing safe drinking water for rural and remote areas
  • Electrochlorination system: a unique method of prevention of biofouling in seawater desalination
  • Potential of carbon nanotubes in water purification: an approach towards the development of an integrated membrane system
  • Seawater desalination technologies
  • Application of an artificial neural network in wastewater quality monitoring: prediction of water quality index
  • Chlorine stability of fully aromatic and mixed aromatic–aliphatic polyamide thin film composite membranes
  • A novel super-cooled humidification–dehumidification system driven by thermal vapour compression unit for seawater desalination
  • Experimental investigation of the effect of ejector geometry on its performance
  • Nuclear seawater desalination plant coupled with 200 MW heating reactor

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