18 September 2008

Call for papers: Knowledge Engineering and Management for the Intelligent Enterprise

Call for papers: Knowledge Engineering and Management for the Intelligent Enterprise

A special issue of International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining

Enterprises of all kinds are struggling to improve over time to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The basic enabler is the quality of knowledge that needs to be available just-in-time at the point-of-action. Knowledge activities, systems, and technologies establish the capacity to generate, integrate, transfer and import new knowledge. The intelligent enterprise pursues explicit and systematic knowledge management to maximise the quality, timeliness, and effective use of knowledge. By providing quality improvements with the required knowledge for decision making, intelligent enterprises are able to tackle challenges and render services that could not be delivered in the past. Knowledge management has become a distinguishing factor in the fierce competition in the new economy.

Research in knowledge engineering and processing has reached significant proportions in many organisations. Information is processed to produce new knowledge by either inferring hidden implications or summarising large volumes of information into more manageable information units. Information is also required to be presented using different perspectives so as to meet individual knowledge needs and at the same time reinforce policy on information access rights. Routing of information and job tasks for knowledge collaboration is paramount in ensuring all necessary steps are taken for a given job effectively and efficiently. Effective implementation of knowledge engineering and management systems will be required for improving the competitive advantages of firms.

This special issue emphasises on the significance of knowledge engineering and processing in the corporate management of knowledge. The scope embraces design methodology, data analysis and architectures, implementation techniques, knowledge acquisition and representation techniques, knowledge mining and their applications in the development of the intelligent enterprise.

Subject coverage:
  • Knowledge intensive enterprise collaboration management
  • Taxonomies and ontologies for enterprise knowledge management
  • Enterprise content management
  • Intelligent knowledge management tools and systems
  • Techniques for knowledge acquisition and representation
  • Tools for enterprise knowledge sharing and re-use
  • Business Intelligence and data analysis systems
  • Intelligent workflow management systems
  • Intelligent agents for knowledge discovery and sharing
  • Intelligent support systems
  • Group decision support systems and expert systems
  • Business data mining
  • Web mining
  • Data mining in e-commerce systems
  • Data-mining-aided OLAP exploration
  • Information extraction and retrieval
  • Collaborative filtering
  • Personalisation
  • E-learning and intelligent tutoring systems
  • Knowledge management for virtual teams
  • Tools for the learning organisation and organisational learning
Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission: 1 July, 2009
Notification of status & acceptance of paper: 15 September, 2009
Final version of paper: 15 November, 2009

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