28 September 2008

Special issue: Micromachining systems and tailored surfaces

International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering 2(3/4) 2008
  • Effect of surfactants on the surface roughness, hardness and microstructure of electroless (Ni-P) coatings
  • Electroless Ni coatings for the improvement of wear resistance of bearings for lightweight rotary gear pumps
  • Thin palladium layer deposited on ceramic materials: application in hydrogen transport and catalytic membrane process
  • Electrochemical comparison between corrosion resistance of some thermally sprayed coatings
  • Abrasive wear behaviour of continuously compacted thermal-sprayed Ni base alloy powder coatings in different conditions
  • Influence of machining parameters on surface roughness in Nd:YAG laser micro-cutting of alumina-aluminium interpenetrating phase composite
  • Influence of surface profile on slider bearing performance
  • When shot-peening does not enhance fatigue life of leaf springs
  • Modelling of Fluidized Bed Degreasing (FBD) process by ANNs
  • Vinyl Ester Resins modified with Perfluoropolyethers

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