7 September 2008

Call for papers: High-Quality Multimedia Streaming in P2P Environments

Call for papers: High-Quality Multimedia Streaming in P2P Environments

A special issue of International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication

Peer-to-peer (P2P) multimedia streaming systems have received significant attention from academia and industry in the past few years. In these systems, a client receives a requested multimedia stream from multiple senders (peers), instead of relying on a dedicated streaming server. Since receiving peers are also potential senders to other peers, the system capacity grows and the reliance on the dedicated server diminishes as more peers join. Thus, P2P streaming systems have the potential to scale to large user communities in a cost-effective manner.

However, because of the limited capacity and unreliability of peers, mechanisms are needed to efficiently manage the resources contributed by peers and to adapt to the dynamic nature of the network. This special issue is dedicated to addressing all research challenges related to enabling the streaming of high-quality multimedia content in dynamic P2P systems. Authors are invited to submit papers that have significant research contributions to this special issue.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Algorithms to provide high-quality and reliability in P2P streaming systems
  • Peer-assisted content distribution networks
  • P2P video-on-demand and live streaming
  • Measurement studies of deployed P2P streaming systems
  • Capacity modelling and analysis of P2P streaming systems
  • Security and data integrity in of P2P streaming systems
  • Applications of scalable video coding and network coding in P2P streaming systems
  • Incentive and economic issues of P2P streaming systems
Important Dates
Manuscript Submission: 1, December, 2008
Notification of Decision: 5, February, 2008
Final Papers submission: 30 March, 2009

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