28 September 2008

Call for papers: Emerging Markets

Call for papers: Emerging Markets

A special issue of International Journal of Technology and Globalisation

With a high growth rate and still significant untapped potential, emerging markets are the growth engines of the world economy. Globalisation and technology are two prime drivers of the global economy. Innovations have become popular again and globalisation of research and development is taking place. Emerging markets are becoming a source of low cost research and development initiatives on the one hand and at the same time these markets need technology for the developmental needs. How to face the changing realities of technology globalisation requires substantial strategic thought, guidance and implementation. Contributions are invited on various aspects of technology globalisation and emerging markets.

A list of suggested topics includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Rise of emerging markets
  • Globalisation of R&D
  • Technology for emerging markets
  • Technology transfer issues in emerging markets
  • Innovations in emerging markets
  • Issues of corruption and ethics
  • Future of technology globalisation and emerging markets
Important Dates
Deadline for Submission of Papers: 30 July, 2009

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