29 September 2008

Special issue: 4th COBEF (2007) – Brazilian Congress on Manufacturing Engineering; 27th SENAFOR (2007) – International Forging Conference

International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems 1(2/3) 2008

Selected papers on metal forming technologies that were presented at the 4th Brazilian Congress on Manufacturing Engineering (COBEF) and at the 27th International Forging Conference and National Sheet Metal Forming Conference (SENAFOR) held in Brazil in 2007.
  • Innovative sheet metal-forming processes
  • Modelling and optimisation of incremental bulk metal-forming processes for near net shape components
  • End forming of thin-walled tubes using a die
  • Formability evaluation in hydroforming steel Tailored Welded Blanks
  • Numerical and experimental modelling of seamless stainless steel tubes hydroforming processes
  • Finite element analysis of the tube flow forming process
  • Ductile fracture prediction in metal forming processes
  • A contribution on the study of cold forging of steel helical gears
  • Sheet metal forming: new technologies applied to the fabrication of solar energy collector panels
  • Combined finite element: forming limit diagram methodology for the development of automotive body stamped parts
  • Development of hot forged drill bits of low alloy steel for petroliferous applications
  • Forming of AISI 409 sheets for fan blade manufacturing


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2. Press and Flanging - A contract specific spherical radius is formed using specialist hydraulic Boldrini presses. Following this the required knuckle radius is spun using Boldrini flanging units.

3.Spin and flanging - Unlike pressing, the spherical radius is formed by spinning the plate blank against a fixed forming tool. Forming of the knuckle radius is made in the same way as pressed ends.

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