19 September 2008

Call for papers: Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Control for Safe Driving of Ground Vehicles

Call for papers: Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Control for Safe Driving of Ground Vehicles

A special issue of International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems

Current technological advances in the area of embedded sensing and control are opening the possibility for completely accident–free driving of passenger vehicles. Recently, accident-free driving has been discussed by several auto manufacturers. To achieve this goal, increased levels of autonomy will be required onboard the vehicle, as demonstrated during the recent DARPA Grand Challenge competitions.

Besides full autonomy which is more appropriate for robotic vehicles, co-existence of the electronic stability controls and the human driver is perhaps a more suitable and near-term goal for passenger vehicles. In fact, a variety of electronic stability control systems under different names (ABS, ESC, RCS, TCS, etc) can already be found in almost all vehicles on the road. These electronic control systems operate on-demand, and safeguard or enhance the performance of vehicles with a driver-in-the-loop. Eliminating accidents completely however will require control systems incorporating increased levels of autonomy and intelligence, along with immunity to unforeseen circumstances. Designing the next level of algorithms for accident-free vehicles provides new challenges to the automotive, controls, perception and computer science communities.

This special issue will showcase recent advances in the use of driverless or driver-assist control technology for safe driving, accident avoidance/mitigation, and occupant injury reduction/elimination.

Topics in (but not limited to) the following areas are welcome:
  • Vehicle safe path/trajectory planning
  • Vehicle dynamics and control for safe path/trajectory tracking
  • Event-driven vehicle dynamics and control for accident avoidance and mitigation
  • Vehicle electronic stability control systems
  • Lane keeping control and lane change assist
  • Collision mitigation systems
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Sensing and data fusion algorithms
  • Driver-assist and driver-support systems
  • Integrated active and passive safety systems
  • Driver/control system interaction issues and conflict mitigation
Although the focus is primarily on passenger vehicles, submissions dealing with commercial and military vehicles will also be considered.

Important Dates
Submission of full paper before: 15 March, 2009
Notification of Acceptance: July 15, 2009
Final paper due: 15 September, 2009

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