23 September 2008

Special issue: Innovative concepts in the perspective of maximising the utilisation rate and value of durable goods

International Journal of Product Development 6(3/4) 2008
  • Innovative approaches to optimising design and use of durable consumer goods
  • Product sustainability: organisational considerations
  • Localisation and the design and production of sustainable products
  • Conceptual model on replacement behaviour
  • Incentives and frameworks for increasing the capital value, service value and use rates of durable goods
  • Total performance analysis of product life cycle considering the deterioration and obsolescence of product value
  • Technology-driven product platform development
  • Remanufacturing and product design
  • Eco-labelling and product development: potentials and experiences
  • New academic research topics to further ecodesign implementation: an overview
  • New technologies for active disassembly: using the shape memory effect in engineering polymers
  • Profile of products enduring quality over long periods as strategic factor to increase their utilisation rate

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