7 September 2008

Call for papers: Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems and Micro Grids

Call for papers: Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems and Micro Grids

A special issue of International Journal of Power Electronics

The generation of highly reliable, good quality electrical power near the place where it is demanded can imply a change of paradigm. This concept, named distributed generation (DG), is especially promising when dispersed energy storage systems (fuel cells, compressed-air devices, or flywheels) and renewable energy resources (photovoltaic arrays, variable speed wind turbines, or combined cycle plants) are available. These resources can be connected through power conditioning ac units to local electric power networks also known as micro grids.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Renewable energy systems for distributed generation in stand-alone and grid-connected applications
  • Storage energy systems for micro grid applications: UPS systems, hydrogen and fuel cells, compressed air devices, superconductor magnetic energy storage (SMES), or flywheels
  • Supervision, management, security, and control of micro grids
  • Micro generation systems: micro turbines, small wind turbines, photovoltaic and hybrid systems, for autonomous or grid-connected applications
  • Islanding issues: anti-islanding algorithms for grid connected applications and control for isolated grids
  • Modelling and control of power converters for distributed generation
  • Flexible micro grids able to operate in both grid-connected and islanded modes
  • Power electronic converters for distributed generation with especial functionalities: line impedance estimation, islanding operation, or fault ride-through, among others
  • New trends on distributed generation systems and micro grids
Important Dates
Paper due: 30 May, 2009
Acceptance notification: 15 July, 2009
Final paper version due: 15 August, 2009

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