6 February 2007

Special issue: Nanotechnology in China

International Journal of Nanotechnology 4(1/2) 2007 is a special issue: Nanotechnology in China. Previous special issues have dealt with nanotechnology in Korea, Spain, and Ukraine.
Article titles:
* Multi-component supramolecular assembly structures studied by scanning tunnelling microscopy
* An approach to fabricate pure metallic Ni-Ni and metallic oxide Ni-NiO-Ni nanocontacts by repeatable microfabrication method
* Synthesis and properties of B-C-N related nanomaterials
* Structure and applications of titanate and related nanostructures
* Organic groups functionalised mesoporous silicates
* Growth behaviour and electronic properties of organic semiconductors on metal surfaces
* Ordered semiconductor CdO nanowire arrays: synthesising by one-step low-temperature electrodeposition and optical properties
* In situ TEM probing properties of individual one-dimensional nanostructures
* Recent advances in hydrothermal syntheses of low dimensional nanoarchitectures
* A strategy for Ordered single molecule Sequencing based on Nanomanipulation (OsmSN)
* Biosensor with total internal reflection imaging ellipsometry
* Toxicological and biological effects of nanomaterials
* Synthesis and properties of π conjugated organic molecular one-dimensional nanomaterials

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