7 February 2007

Special issue: Advances in machining of composite materials

International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials 1(4) 2006 is a special issue: Advances in machining of composite materials.
Article titles:
* Parametric study and optimisation of wire electrical discharge machining of Al-Cu-TiC-Si P/M composite
* An experimental study of the machining parameters in powder mixed electric discharge machining of Al–10%SiCP metal matrix composites
* Some investigations into wire electro-discharge machining performance of Al/SiCp composites
* Nd:YAG laser micromachining of alumina–aluminium interpenetrating phase composite using response surface methodology
* Optimisation of MRR in ultrasonic drilling (USD) based on Taguchi's robust design methodology
* A study on machinability of Al Si7 Mg2/SiCp metal matrix composite
* Optimisation of surface roughness with GA approach in turning 15% SiCp reinforced AlSi7Mg2 MMC material
* Taguchi method based optimization of cutting tool flank wear during turning of PR-Al/20vol.% SiC-MMC
* Analysis of burr formation during drilling of hybrid metal matrix composites using design of experiments

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