5 February 2007

Special issue: Continuous improvement – status and challenges

International Journal of Technology Management 37(3/4) 2007 is a special issue: Continuous improvement – status and challenges.
Article titles:
* Managing and organising collaborative improvement: a system integrator perspective
* Performance measurement and continuous improvement: are they linked to manufacturing strategy?
* Exploiting complementary competencies via inter-firm cooperation
* Continuous improvement in The Netherlands: a survey-based study into current practices
* Continuous improvement capability in the Swedish engineering industry
* What challenges lie ahead for improvement programmes in the UK? Lessons from the CINet Continuous Improvement Survey 2003
* Implementing collaborative improvement – top-down, bottom-up or both?
* Continuous improvement in manufacturing companies in Jordan
* CI practice in Spain: its role as a strategic tool for the firm. Empirical evidence from the CINet survey analysis
* Tools and abilities for continuous improvement: what are the drivers of performance?

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