15 February 2007

Call for papers: Whither Regulatory Policy Reform?


Call for papers: Whither Regulatory Policy Reform?

A special issue of the International Journal of Public Policy (IJPP)

Important Dates
Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 15 May 2007

This special edition looks at the state of play of regulatory reform in the post-Washington-Consensus era, as academics and policy-makers increasingly realise the importance of good governance and effective regulation to address key public policy challenges.

Studies of particular countries or cases should focus on the broader international significance and 'replicability' of the main findings. Papers drawing on the experience of developing/transition countries, or with important policy implications for such countries, are particularly welcome.

All subjects of regulation are relevant, including (but not necessarily restricted to):

The environment
International trade
Competition policy
Utilities regulation

For more information, please see the Journal Call for Papers website.

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