11 January 2018

Thematic issue published: "Working Across Language Boundaries: New Perspectives on Language-Sensitive International Management Research"

European Journal of International Management 12(1/2) 2018
  • Organising multilingually: setting an agenda for studying language at work
  • Multilingual research, monolingual publications: management scholarship in English only?
  • Conceptualising English as a business lingua franca
  • Language boundary-crossing by business school faculty using English as a medium of instruction
  • 'It crosses all the boundaries': hybrid language use as empowering resource
  • Discretionary power on the front line: a bottom-up perspective on corporate language management
  • Small- and medium-sized enterprises in a multilingual region: best practices in multilingualism or missed opportunities?
Regularly submitted papers
  • The impact of communist imprint prevalence on the risk-taking propensity of successful Russian entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurial orientation in a hostile and turbulent environment: risk and innovativeness among successful Russian entrepreneurs

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