24 January 2018

Special issue published: "Harmonisation Within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes"

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 62(2/3/4) 2017
  • Influence of vehicle-induced turbulence on pollutant dispersion in street canyon and adjacent urban area
  • Application of a photochemical model for the assessment of regional air quality in Southern Italy: procedures and results
  • Evaluation and development of tools to quantify the impacts of roadside vegetation barriers on near-road air quality
  • Analysis of the internal boundary layer formation on tropical coastal regions using SODAR data in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  • Simulating large emitters using CMAQ and a local scale finite element model. Analysis of the surroundings of Barcelona
  • Lagrangian simulations of the plume rise in strong capping inversion
  • Model chain for buoyant plume dispersion
  • New power law inflow boundary conditions for street scale modelling
  • Validation of meteorological forecasts in fine spatial and temporal resolution produced as an input for dispersion models
  • A review of dispersion modelling of agricultural emissions with non-point sources
  • Time scale analysis of chemically reactive pollutants over urban roughness in the atmospheric boundary layer
  • Application of inverse dispersion modelling for the determination of PM emission factors from fugitive dust sources in open-pit lignite mines
  • Pollutant removal mechanism in two-dimensional street canyons: a laboratory study
  • Definition of typical-day dispersion patterns as a consequence of a hazardous release
  • Community multi-scale air quality atmospheric dispersion model adaptation for Hungary
  • The air quality in narrow two-dimensional urban canyons with pitched and flat roof buildings
  • Validation of Gaussian plume model Aeropol against Cabauw field experiment
  • The use of a new diagram for the analysis of the daily cycles in the air-pollution data
  • Model inter-comparison and validation of ADMS plume chemistry schemes
  • Effect of the long-range transport on the air quality of greater Budapest area

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