8 January 2018

Special issue published: "New Trends in Multimedia Data Management: Techniques and Applications"

International Journal of Applied Systemic Studies 7(1/2/3) 2017
  • Examining the learning outcomes of elderly through multimedia teaching system in Taiwan
  • A comparative study on machine classification model in lung cancer cases analysis
  • A web-based crowd sourcing data application in exploring the effect of collaborative we-intention on adoption of cloud-multimedia drive
  • A near field communication-enabled e-learning environment for context-aware mobile Japanese conversation learning
  • Modelling medical resource allocation with multimedia data on hyper aged district in Taiwan
  • The hybrid algorithm for product design in multimedia
  • Image retrieval using a scale-invariant feature transform bag-of-features model with salient object detection
  • The study on firm acceptance of cloud service introduction from the innovation diffusion theory
  • A web-scale experience to identify the component impacts of intellectual capital on corporate performance from perspective of multimedia data applications
  • A framework for evaluating the mobile augmented reality systems for ubiquitous and interactive cultural learning
  • Empirical online big data analysis shopping behaviour based on fsQCA approach
  • Social media in the classroom: examining the effects of social influence mechanism on peer learning

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