13 January 2018

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Materials and Product Technology

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Materials and Product Technology are now available here for free:
  • Modelling of hot compressive deformation behaviour of 55 steel considering strain
  • The classification and a review of hot power spinning of difficult-to-deform metals
  • A process for increasing plastic strain ratio of AA1050 Al alloy sheet
  • Deformation behaviour of high strength steel sheet 22MnB5 at elevated temperature and its FE simulation model verification
  • Finite element analysis of effect of process parameters on electromagnetic free expansion of aluminium tube
  • Die-punch alignment and its effect on the thinning pattern in the square-shaped deep drawing of aluminium alloy
  • Effects of reheating temperature and time on microstructure and tensile properties of thixoformed in situ Sip/ZA27 composites
  • Wear analysis of polyamide based on a statistical approach
  • A study on process design of plate cold forging for machinability improvement of piston under drive brake
  • Recent development of ring rolling theory and technique
  • Deformation characteristics of aluminium-copper composite preforms at different strain rates during cold forging
  • Novel processes and related technologies for micro metal forming
  • Quantitative study of the Bauschinger effect in high-strength low-strain-hardening materials for metal forming applications
  • Formability investigation using a new test design for hot stamping processes

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