10 January 2018

Special issue published: "New and Renewable Energy Resources – Part I"

International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology 8(3/4) 2017
  • Evaluation of generation of electricity from wastewater using microbial fuel cell
  • Application of ANFIS and lifting wavelet transform for classification of solar radiation
  • Pine needle biomass gasification based electricity and cold storage systems for rural Himalayan region: optimal size and site
  • Comparative energetic and exergetic studies of vapour compression and vapour absorption refrigeration cycles
  • An experimental investigation of PCM based thermal energy storage system using diesel engine exhaust-gas
  • Optimisation of energy storage for an electricity system in the Indian scenario
  • CFD simulation of thermoelectric generator installed on waste heat recovery system
  • FAST and Simulink-based simulation investigation of wind turbine faults
  • Cellulase production from thermochemically pretreated Chenopodium album
  • Anaerobic co-digestion of food waste for energy production - a review
  • A controller model for integration of hybrid energy system into the grid
  • Thermodynamic analysis of a vapour compression refrigeration system integrated with a subcooler cycle
  • Thermodynamic assessment of TEG-ORC combined cycle powered by solar energy
  • Review of the potential of biogas generation in India and a comparative study of various biogas upgrading techniques
  • Numerical investigation on cooling behaviour of buildings using phase change material
  • Management of plastic waste: a step towards clean environment
  • Experimental investigations on solar flat plate collector by changing geometry of fin using CFD - a review
  • Nanofluid as a coolant for next generation high heat dissipation electronic devices
  • Mesophilic temperature range effect on anaerobic digestion of residential grass cuttings using simple batch digester

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