9 January 2018

Special issue published: "Co-Production and Governance for Smart City Services: Learning From Practice"

International Journal of Services Technology and Management 23(5/6) 2017
  • Smart cities in Canada: an examination of progress and impediments in Halifax, Canada
  • The challenge of incorporating smart city activities in medium-size cities: the case of Greece
  • Identifying preferred smart city services for a major city in a developing country: the case of Bangkok
  • Participatory governance in smart cities: the urbanAPI case study
  • Developing online illustrative and participatory tools for urban planning: towards open innovation and co-production through citizen engagement
  • From top-down land use planning intelligence to bottom-up stakeholder engagement for smart cities - a case study: DECUMANUS service products
Additional papers
  • Top management team managerial mechanisms to control local service innovations
  • A decision-making model for the application of the new service system structure based on front-back stage decoupling into nature-based tourism district
  • Evaluation factors in successful global selective outsourcing operations

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