1 August 2017

Special issue published: "Virtual Networking, Cloud and Wireless Systems"

International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations 17(2/3) 2017
  • Geocacher's co-creation to sharing their own playful treasure hunt video experiences around the world
  • An intelligent network algorithm for enhanced security in a mobile ad hoc network
  • FPGA realisation-based architecture for direction-of-arrival in wireless communication
  • Hybrid algorithm based on genetic algorithm and PSO for task scheduling in cloud computing environment
  • A cluster-based network architecture scheme for QoS improvement in WLAN
  • Optimisation of energy efficient cellular learning automata algorithm for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
  • The determinants of e-government cloud adoption: multi-case analysis of China
  • HCDA: hybrid collision aware data aggregation in wireless sensor networks
  • Energy-aware and stable cluster-based multipath routing protocol for wireless ad hoc networks
  • A novel high-dimensional data dimension reduction algorithm based on ameliorated supportive vector machine
  • Trust prediction model for certificate exchange and revocation in MANET
  • Strategic IT investment in B2B e-commerce platform on user loyalty: considering variable investment cost

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