27 August 2017

Special issue published: "Algorithms and Applications in Computational Biology"

International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications 13(3) 2017
  • Understanding the role of Salmonella pathogenic island 1 (SPI-I) and host-pathogen interaction for typhoid using system biology approach
  • Protein interaction based features' extraction
  • Analysis for biological network properties of Alzheimer's disease associated gene set by enrichment and topological examinations
  • Insilco new aspects of peptide-based vaccine designing for human papilloma virus infection
  • Extensive computational analysis of chromosome 11
  • Modelling and receptor-based virtual screening studies of GPR139
  • Mining of yield components and other associated quantitative traits in various crops
  • Docking and molecular dynamics studies for developing Microcin C7 as an alternative drug against diphtheria toxin
  • In silico identification of vaccine candidate from various screening methods against hepatitis C virus

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