22 August 2017

Call for papers: "Clean Energy: Innovation in Policy, Management and Praxis"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning.

This special issue aims to conceptualise how technology that permits to generate energy from renewable sources (i.e. clean energy) is embedded in policy goals, policy design, planning and implementation at all levels. The objective is to receive contributions that draw on available and emergent technological solutions for clean energy, but focus on the range of policy and governance issues related to expansion of utilisation of renewable energy sources (RES). To reiterate, rather than discuss technology that underpins the use of RES, the objective is to highlight the drivers, policy approaches, governance issues and management problems related to the reduction of dependency on fossil fuels. These issues and topics can be discussed at the level of a firm, a local community, a region and the national economy.

The targeted readership includes both academics and practitioners. Among academics there will be those with technical and engineering background who are interested in emerging technologies in the clean energy field, and how these technologies are linked with policy-making. Other academics will include those who are more on the policy, strategy or governance side, i.e. researchers in the business schools focusing on management issues. Practitioners are likely to be interested in case studies on implementation of clean energy solutions and specific solutions in management (e.g. at the firm level) and governance. An attraction for both academics and practitioners is the international experience in the clean energy field that will be concentrated in a special issue. Furthermore, the international experience of industrialised and transitional nations will attract international readership.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited, to the following:
  • Energy security through the lens of clean energy (i.e. energy from renewable sources)
  • Clean energy: emergent trends, solutions, the interlinks between technology and policy
  • Policy regarding renewable energy sources (RES)
  • Reduction of dependency on fossil fuels: drivers, critical success factors, policy and governance issues
  • Governance of RES: macro (national) level, case studies of success and failure in the promotion of RES
  • RES management at the micro (company) level, the community and regional levels, case studies
  • The role of feed-in tariffs in the promotion of RES: the international best practice and implementation solutions in the specific contexts and/or nations
  • Impediments to RES promotion: manifestations, reasons and improvement opportunities
  • How policy on RES integrates (or not) with implementation practice, financing options, the community spirit, people' mindset, and consumer behaviour
  • Public-private collaboration for the promotion of RES: what each partner can contribute, interaction issues, governance structures
  • Models that might ensure successful promotion of clean energy: critical elements, policy decisions, financing mechanisms, implementation strategy

Important Dates
Manuscripts due by: 10 December, 2017

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