30 August 2017

Special issue published: "Clusters and Innovational Networks in the Context of Sustainable Development"

International Journal of Trade and Global Markets 10(2/3) 2017
  • Influence of clustering on innovational development of business structures in region's economy
  • Role of clusters and forms of public-private partnership in provision of sustainable growth on the basis of network cooperation within regional innovational system
  • Ways of corporate tax optimisation for cluster entities
  • Problems and perspectives of cluster formation in view of sustainability of development of regional business structures of the Russian Federation
  • Perspectives of use of mediation in the process of cluster development of economy of contemporary Russia
  • Corruption as obstacle for effective logistics of modern clusters
  • Motivation of company's top managers during implementation of an innovational project: financial and non-financial constituents
  • Inconsistency of theory, policy and practice of clustering in modern Russia
  • Financial transparency in budget sector of economy as a necessary condition of clustering
  • Legal provision of clustering in Russia as environment for development of innovations
  • Global and Russian nanotechnology product market development: comparison of trends and impact of sanctions
Additional papers
  • Past performance, family business and CEO succession: the case of Indonesia
  • Does the USA have market power in importing ethanol from Brazil?

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