9 August 2017

Special issue published: "Leveraging Technological Change: The Role of Business Models and Ecosystems" (includes free open access article)

International Journal of Technology Management 75(1/2/3/4) 2017
  • Technological innovation mediated by business model innovation: app developers moving into health
  • Experimentations in emerging innovation ecosystems: specificities and roles. The case of the hydrogen energy fuel cell
  • Microwork platforms as enablers to new ecosystems and business models: the challenge of managing difficult tasks
  • Creating and capturing value in a regional innovation ecosystem: a study of how manufacturing SMEs develop collaborative solutions
  • Using patents to orchestrate ecosystem stability: the case of a French aerospace company
  • Whatever happened to the 'great escape'? Lessons from the rise and decline of the pinball ecosystem
  • A new perspective on the innovator's dilemma - exploring the role of entrepreneurial incentives
  • Business ecosystems and new venture business models: an exploratory study of participation in the Lead To Win job-creation engine [free open access article]
  • Business models in emerging industries: some lessons from the 'Better Place' electric-car debacle
  • Exploratory research on the mechanism of latecomer advantages in the Asian LCD industry

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