23 August 2017

Special issue published: "Orchestration and Emergent Applications for Grid and Cloud Computing"

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing 8(2) 2017
  • Middleware, framework and novel computing models for grid and cloud service orchestration
  • Cognitive application area networks
  • MAROQ: a resource allocation model driven through quality of experience
  • A study of comparative clustering of EU countries using the DBSCAN and k-means techniques within the theoretical framework of systemic geopolitical analysis
  • A smart storage optimisation technique on the cloud
  • SLAs for cloud applications: agreement protocol and REST-based implementation
  • Flexible simulations of complex networks in OpenStack clouds
  • Combining reputation and QoS measures to improve cloud service composition
Regularly submitted paper
  • A new inter-cloud service-level guarantee protocol applied to space missions

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