28 August 2017

Special issue on: "Advances in Evolutionary Computation and its Applications"

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 15(1/2) 2017
  • Variable penalty factors: a new GEP automatic clustering algorithm
  • A new group search optimiser integrating multiply strategies
  • A dynamic search space strategy for swarm intelligence
  • Complex splitting of context-aware recommendations
  • MEMS-based seismic intensity instrument for earthquake early warning
  • An improved floc image segmentation algorithm based on Otsu and particle swarm optimisation
  • Application of interactive evolutionary strategy in fault-tolerant system capable of online self-repairing
  • Building business process ontology based on concept hierarchy model
  • Optimised placement of wireless sensor networks by evolutionary algorithm
  • Multi-objective cluster head election in cluster-based wireless sensor networks
  • A novel chaotic key-based algorithm for still images
  • An improved adaptive selection search for block motion estimation
  • The development and application of the ontology for tractor fault diagnosis
  • Research on modified teaching-learning-based optimisation algorithm for estimating parameters of Van Genuchten equation
Additional papers
  • Temporal dynamic recommendation based on data imputation through association analysis
  • Including category information as supplements in latent semantic analysis of Hindi documents
  • Fuzzy time series forecasting based on information granule and neural network
  • The analysis and recognition of Chinese temporal expressions based on a mixtured model using statistics and rules

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