2 August 2017

Special issue published: "New Trends of Simulation and Process Modelling in Multiple Domains: From Business and Production to Healthcare, Defence and Environmental Sustainability"

International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling 12(3/4) 2017
  • Supply chains efficiency increasing based on the modelling of logistics operations
  • TRIP-based transport travel demand model for intelligent transport system measure evaluation based on micro simulation
  • Hybridisation effect on operating costs and optimal sizing of components for hybrid electric vehicles
  • Linear stability analysis for severe slugging: sensitivity to void fraction and friction pressure drop correlations
  • Experimental development and bond graph dynamic modelling of a brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Game-theoretic methods for locating camera towers and scheduling surveillance
  • A conversive hidden non-Markovian model based structure for discriminating spatio-temporal movement trajectories
  • Factors affecting the human error: representations of mental models for emergency management
  • Motivation and research in architectural intelligent tutoring
  • DEv-PROMELA: an extension of PROMELA for the modelling, simulation and verification of discrete-event systems
Additional papers
  • Accurate and rapid modelling of AFM tip morphology through scanning sphere nanoparticles
  • Taxi carpooling model and carpooling effects simulation
  • Establishment of cure kinetic model and study on reaction mechanism of resin-based thermal insulation coatings
  • Real-time multimodal transport path planning based on a pulse neural network model
  • Implementation of XFEM in the study of gear crack propagation behaviour using the SIF on different moments
  • Simulation modelling and analysis of a production line
  • Modelling and simulation on temperature and humidity decoupling of indoor environment

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