3 December 2013

Special issue published: "Research into Consumers, Locations and Their Environments"

International Journal of Business and Globalisation 12(1) 2014

Expanded versions of papers presented at the 10th International CIRCLE Conference.
  • Satisfaction and loyalty of tourists in a cross-border area
  • Applications of psychological constructs in global empirical consumer acceptance research: a meta-study
  • A comparison of global empirical results on company cost-of-capital practices
  • Online communities in Poland: are e-commerce companies involved in creating and managing online social networks?
  • The mix map modelling approach: research application - a thought for the service industry 
  • Fans club brand relationship: football passion
  • The impact of bureaucracy/red tape on the employees of multinational enterprises
  • Tourism in Croatia between the two world wars: the Dubrovnik district case

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