10 December 2013

Special issue published: "Design and Control of Complex Systems"

International Journal of Systems, Control and Communications 5(3/4) 2013

Expanded versions of papers presented at the International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS’12).
  • Application of adaptive controllers to a DC-motor
  • Centralised controller for manufacturing systems through liveness extraction approach
  • Control scheme and power maximisation of permanent magnet synchronous generator wind farm connected to the electric network
  • Time-frequency analysis of a noised ECG signals using empirical mode decomposition and Choi-Williams techniques
  • Use of non-linear microstructure evolution to minimise radiation-induced damage
  • Modelling and control of a multimodal transportation system using hybrid Petri nets with fuzzy logic
  • Multi-scale similarity entropy as a complexity descriptor to discriminate healthy to distress foetus
  • Risk management for multi-agent resource allocation under incomplete information
  • Fault tolerant control for two collaborative systems using an updating adaptive output regulation scheme and intelligent reconfiguration algorithm
  • Multi-controller approach to uncertain discrete-time-delay systems

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