10 December 2013

Int. Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance publishes Anniversary Issue (free to readers)

The International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance celebrates its 5th year of publication with a special issue consisting of high-quality articles from well-known authors. This issue has been made the journal's free sample issue, and all of its articles (listed below) can be downloaded at no cost.
  • Sovereign default risk assessment
  • Systemic risk from real estate and macro-prudential regulation
  • Finance, growth and fragility: the role of government
  • Hold-up in multiple banking: evidence from SME lending
  • Do emerging markets provide currency diversification benefits?
  • Interest rate caps and implicit collusion: the case of payday lending
  • The effects of stock splits on the bid-ask spread of syndicated loans
  • Does overvaluation of bidder stock drive acquisitions? The case of public and private targets
  • The value of reputational capital and risk in banking and finance

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