4 December 2013

Special issue published: "Electronic Systems – Part III"

International Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering 7(1) 2014

Expanded versions of papers presented at ICES 2011.
  • A low power, low jitter DLL based low frequency (250 kHz) clock generator
  • A comparative analysis of power and delay optimise digital logic families for high performance system design
  • Mitigation of scintillation in FSO using aperture averaging of partially coherent input Gaussian optical beam
  • Analysis and design of 1 GHz PLL for fast phase and frequency acquisition
  • Selection of wavelet for image compression in hybrid coding scheme combining SPIHT- and SOFM-based vector quantisation
  • Modified fractal rectangular curve dielectric resonator antenna terminated in a bio-medium
  • Autocorrelation and Hilbert transform-based QRS complex detection in ECG signal
  • A genetic-algorithm-based steganography on colour images (GASCI)

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