2 December 2013

Special issue published: "The Contribution of Protected Areas to Sustainability"

International Journal of Sustainable Society 6(1/2) 2014
  • Islands of sustainability in time and space
  • The role of incentives for sustainable implementation of marine protected areas: an example from Tanzania
  • In transit towards a third generation of protected areas? Analysis of disciplines, forming principles and fields of activities by example of recent projects in protected areas in Austria
  • The contribution of biosphere reserves to regional sustainability: an institutional approach
  • Governance and management strategies in national parks: implications for sustainable regional development
  • Evaluation of management strategies in Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia
  • Declaring an area as protected ensures its sustainability? Assessing the contribution of the legal framework and the participation of the local community to the sustainability of Lake Kerkini (Greece)
  • The costs and socio-economic benefits associated with the Natura 2000 network
  • Transboundary cooperation in protected area's management and its contribution to sustainable development
Additional Papers
  • Innovation policy and environmental sustainability as strategic tools for reaching higher performances. A regional empirical analysis to find the best practice
  • Flexitarianism: a more moral dietary option

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