10 December 2013

Special issue published: "Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies - Part I"

International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems 5(3) 2013

Expanded version of papers presented at Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies (ICEST 2012).
  • Complex filters for the subtraction procedure for power-line interference removal from ECG
  • Automated multichannel broadband spectrum analysis of fibre-optic grating sensors
  • Investigation of mixture of Gaussians method for background subtraction in traffic surveillance
  • Multiserver loss queueing system Polya/G/n/0 with peaked input flow
  • Spray deposition of PVDF layers with application in MEMS pressure sensors
  • Some integral characteristics of MRC receiver in Nakagami-m fading environment
  • Design and prototyping of radiation- and area-efficient monolithic integrated antennas
  • Text skew detection using log-polar transformation
  • TLM modelling of receiving dipole antenna impact on shielding effectiveness of enclosure
  • An approach to optimisation of the links' load in the MPLS domain
  • Performance comparison of dual SC systems using different decision algorithms in the presence of interference

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