7 October 2006

New journal: International Journal of Intellectual Property Management (IJIPM)

International Journal of Intellectual Property Management (IJIPM)

The IJIPM is a new, refereed publication which welcomes research papers across a wide range of topics embracing the studies of intellectual property from the perspectives of business management, organisational principles, and government policies. The purpose of the journal is to enhance the critical understanding of intellectual property in theory and practice, to appreciate the strategic importance of intellectual property to corporate and organisational success, and to disseminate knowledge on the management of intellectual property and commercialisation of different forms of intellectual property.

Readership includes researchers, professionals and academics in this interdisciplinary field.

ISSN (Online): 1478–9655
ISSN (Print): 1478–9647

E-mail: ijipm@inderscience.com

Editor in chief:
Dr. Mohammed Dorgham
International Centre for Technology and Management

Current Issue: Volume 1 Issue 1/2 2006

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