26 October 2006

Call for papers: Special Issue on “Microfinance and Banking Services in Emerging Economies”

International Journal of Financial Services Management (IJFSM)

Call for papers: Special Issue on “Microfinance and Banking Services in Emerging Economies”

Guest Editors:
Professor Victor Murinde, University of Birmingham, UK
Dr Ronny Manos, College of Management, Israel

One important development in the financial sectors of emerging economies is the growth of microfinance institutions and instruments alongside the formal bank and non-bank institutions. There is growing research on the type of financial services provided in each of these seemingly competing financial institutions and markets. There is also heated debate on policy issues (such as regulation) and some unresolved research questions such as the impact of the financial services on financial sector growth, savings, investment and general economic growth. In addition, there is increasing interest on management issues and practices in both microfinance institutions and banks, especially where the two overlap.

This Special Issue of IJFSM is aimed at seeking contributions to these issues and debates.

For more information, subject coverage, notes for intending authors, submission dates and contact information, please see the Journal Call for Papers website.

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