7 June 2017

Special issue published: "Transformative Approaches for Knowledge Sharing"

International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies 8(1/2) 2017
  • Phoenix rises from the ashes: creating and destructing value through reflection 
  • Challenges in academic commercialisation: a case study of the scientists' experiences 
  • Business models for research-based spin-offs: the strategic entrepreneurship perspective 
  • Identifying teaching best practices for accounting courses using appreciative inquiry 
  • Action research: a process for developing professional capacity within a community of practice 
  • Teaching and learning business ethics in a multicultural group 
  • Mapping public procurement practices in India 
  • Knowledge management process at BHEL: a case study 
  • Managing the transfer of aerospace knowledge 
  • Organisational metacognition: creating a culture of intentioned learning 
  • Managing key polarities in a post-crisis organisational learning initiative 
  • Art of learning for knowledge sharing: a case study of Parisar Asha

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