15 June 2017

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies are now available here for free.
  • The role of agreeableness trait and communal organisational culture in knowledge sharing
  • Features of domain-independent mobile knowledge management systems 
  • Investigating the role of human resource management in assisting the employee replacement process within the construction industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
  • Analysis of the relationship between perception of organisational justice and establishment of knowledge management cycle from Nonaka and Takouchi's viewpoint (Case Study: Esfahan Steel Company) 
  • Knowledge sharing in a physician practice group: an exploratory case study 
  • Knowledge management in incubated companies: proposal of a model to enhance managerial skills 
  • The investigation of knowledge management practice components on supply chain performance 
  • Do users in Qatar perceive intellectual capital information to be value relevant for decision-making purposes? 
  • Knowledge management process model for healthcare organisation: a case of a public hospital 
  • Achieving competitive advantage through knowledge sharing: deducing the determinants of knowledge sharing towards a new concentric model: a review

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